An Adult-Child Relationship Strategy Framework

Breakthru Approach

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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
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Inclusive Classroom Strategies with 3P.L.A.Y.

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Learn how to foster growth and observe progress

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The Breakthru Approach with 3P.L.A.Y. is a framework that aims to achieve positive growth result in handling high-challenge situations. Developed through more than 10 years of working with children and specially-abled people, this strategical approach seek first to remove the stress for the PARENTS, TEACHERS and CARE-GIVERS as well as the child thus paving way for true growth to occur.
The framework has been made alive in this book through the story of Max, a teenager who tackles his behavioural issues. With the support of his family and 3P.L.A.Y., Max breaks free from stress and strengthens his mental ability to function rationally. Obstacles are turned into opportunities.

This shows that children can be nurtured to develop inner harmony to make their own choices. They are empowered to fulfil their destiny, thus strengthening their family bonding and well-being.

Background of 3P.L.A.Y.

Stress, a major issue in teenagers and young adults, especially those with special needs, manifests as learning, behavioural and emotional challenges. ‘Quick fix’ remedies often leave parents distressed and helpless. They fail to understand that the root cause of stress is the imbalance in the family system, which must be ‘reset’ to restore harmony in relationships.

What is MBL?

Movement Based Learning is a way for us to begin to understand and apply the concept that movement of the body affects the integration of our brain function. When our brain is in an integrated state (i.e. able to access all parts of the brain, we return to our natural, normal curious state of learning. It is from this solid foundational space that we can reach our greatest potential.

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