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Movement Based Learning
Drawing out the innate ability of specially-abled people.

以动作为本学习 (MBL)

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MBL online?

Movement Based Learning is specifically designed to draw out the innet potential of specially-abled people.

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The online lessons and topics are arranged to guide you through your learning in a clear and step-by-step way.

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Each course is facilitated LIVE by qualified MBL™ instructor in a group meeting online and interactively.

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Upon completion, every participant receives a certificate and recognized fully by MBL™ International.

Students get bonus access to videos used by instructors too.

Some of these teaching videos below will be used by your instructors in class. As an student, you are entitled to access these teaching videos for free. You get to playback high-definition video smoothly on your desktop PC, and as many times as you like, at your own time! (free access until the last day of class.)

Past Classes:

What is Movement Based Learning?

Movement Based Learning is a way for us to begin to understand and apply the concept that movement of the body affects the integration of our brain function. When our brain is in an integrated state (i.e. able to access all parts of the brain, we return to our natural, normal curious state of learning. It is from this solid foundational space that we can reach our greatest potential.

Background of Movement Based Learning™

Cecilia Koester, M.Ed, has developed a movement-based program that addresses the foundational pieces of learning so that children and adults who are differently abled can learn how to learn. She teaches/consults in a functional, practical way so that any information is directly applicable and useable.

Cecilia Koester — Founder of MBL™

With more than 30 years of experience, she have since visited many countries worldwide to share her knowledge and to train new local instructors.

This program offers an in-depth look at some basic patterns of neurological and motor development and is a good basis for further training in reflex integration such as Brain Gym® or rhythmic movement.

You will leave the course with new skills that optimize learning and performance in all areas of life. And you will find that these tools are immediately applicable in home, school and therapeutic settings.

Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers offers excellent applications for a variety of mental and physical challenges including: autism, cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorders (ADD and ADHD), dyslexia, Angelman’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, speech impairments, brain injuries, blindness, deafness and impairments caused by strokes.

In addition to teaching the above courses, Cecilia Koester and her team are mentoring others to teach Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers and Movement Based Learning: Using and Teaching Developmental Movement Patterns.

In order to support her trainers worldwide, Cecilia together with MBL Asia, are creating online video course for the consistentcy of teaching curricula that have been established, which you can subscribe here soon.

What Our Students Have to Say About Teachers Training Workshop

This course helps me to understand (not just about techniques, but) how we can put the family into different perspective, and help them to see the whole family culture have to be rebuilt and rethink to help a child or person as a whole family. Everyone who works with children or adult with different kind of abilities will benefit. In this class you get to experience the methods yourself as you learn.
Wan Ching
Job Coach, RMTi Trainer
Of course I enjoyed this class because it answered all my questions, it answered all my little concern of how am I going to teach my girl to be independent. I believe those special needs adults who are high functioning, they may attend and know themselves too!
Mother of a Specially-abled Girl
老师她说话时的方式很不一样,就算我们不懂,她在讲叙的过程中所说的话,是很有激励励和鼓励性的。 大家需要去认识这个课程! Cecilia speaks very differently. Even when we are not sure, her language is always very encouraging and calming when she explains.
Elisa Tay
Chinese Language Teacher
This class opens my mind to view the human being in a different way, and I look at the development of human being in a different perspective! I think all teachers and parents will benefit. If they learn MBL this will benefit their children, and help them to overcome challenges in life activities.
Fang Huey
Pharmacist, Brain Gym Instructor

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