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Peak Performance Through Designed Movement

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Why We Learn Brain Gym®?

We equip people — kids, adults, and seniors alike — with the designed movement techniques to reach goals they never imagined possible.

Promote Learning Through Play

Encourage creativity and self-expression

Draw out and honor innate intelligence

Build awareness regarding the value of movement in daily life

Encourage self-responsibility

Empower each participant to better take charge of her own learning

Our specialty is in the understanding of natural movement patterns and how they relate to learning and performing. We believe that addressing the whole body, what we call the “physical skills of learning and performing,” is critical to optimal living and learning. We can “learn how to learn” by stabilizing our vestibular balance, grounding our physical structures and mastering self-calming.

Doing so prepares us to master the physical skills required for the mental, cognitive, and language skills necessary for higher order thinking. When the structural and physical foundations are in place, we experience less tension and stress, enhancing the flow of learning, performing, and communication.

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