Online Teaching Guide

1 Hold a current valid license from Breakthroughs International to teach either MBL or Brain Gym.
2 Signed the MBL™️Online Licensed Instructor Agreement.
3 Co-teach your first online MBL™️workshop. Existing instructors are required to have co-teached their first MBL™️ Online workshop.
4 Instructors who would like to renew their license, submission of your case study videos to your regional faculty is required.
1 Inform MBL-Asia of your interest to teach an Online MBL™️ workshop by submitting the Opt-in Form located at the “Be an Online Instructor” menu above. You must have an account created/registered at prior to submitting the request form.
2 Once we checked and confirm you fulfilled all our pre-requisites, your status will be upgraded to teach online. A new “Instructor Dashboard” will be activated on your My Dashboard.
3 Schedule date and time for your workshop and submit them using the “Schedule New Class” icon on the Instructor Dashboard.
4 Check your course setup status using “Class Setup Status” icon on your Instructor Dashboard. Your course landing page will be designed based on the information you provided on the form.
5 You may “screen shoot” your landing page and promote your workshop via your networks or channels.
6 You may also share your course landing page URL on social media and other messaging platforms such as twitter/tiktok/instagram
7 Receive access to the BBA eManual once your course is created online,  and familiarize yourself with it. Share to your students on how to use it during your workshop.
8 Educate yourself about Zoom features. The Zoom link is sent automatically to each participant upon successfully registered for a course.


1 During your Zoom session, the recommended attire is plain clothing so participants can visually follow you with ease.
2 Provide enough room space for standing demonstration before your webcam
3 Monitor your voice and the pace throughout the workshop to be certain your delivery is coherent and easy for the participant to understand.
4 Utilize the instructional videos of each Building Block Activity pre-recorded by Cecilia Koester. All participants will also have access to these video during your live Zoom period. Advise them to review these video at their own time.
5 Lead each participant to complete the Evaluation Quiz and Final online quiz.
6 Only participants with a Final quiz point above 85% will be awarded with an online Certificate of Completion.
7 Lead each participants to share their certificate on screen and celebrate!
8 Inform the participants that the printed copy of Building Block Activities Manual and other posters are available for purchase. All purchase links can be found within the Online BBA Manual lesson.
1 To complete the online MBL™ workshop, participants will require the same attendance hours, attendance timeliness, and pass the assessment (Fianl Quiz) similar to an in-person workshop. E.g. the MBL™ workshop could be 4 sessions that are each 2 hours long.
2 All participants are required to have a stable internet connection for audio and visual to ensures effective participation.
3 If a participant misses a portion of the workshop (e.g. if s/he misses on session), the instructor must have a plan in place for the time and content to be covered. This could be requiring the student to watch the instructional videos pre-recording by Cecilia Koester and do some follow-up such as: answering assessment questions, practicing the content areas and/or providing a summary (written, audio, video) of what was learned.

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