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Both Movement Based Learning and Brain Gym are programs from Breakthroughs International, USA (https://breakthroughsinternational.org). The trademarked acronym MBL™ to mean movement-based learning. Also, BBAs™ is a trademark known to mean Building Block Activities. The Mission of Breakthroughs International is to transform lives through kinesiology-based programs, fostering the ability to thrive amidst life’s changes. Books, manuals, charts and other educational products are periodically created for both programs. All rights are reserved and are the intellectual property of Movement Based Learning, Inc. 

Movement Based Learning Asia (MBL Asia) supports the licensed instructors/practitioners with both in-person and online courses within Asia region. In-person workshops are believed to be the best format, however, support is also given for any licensed instructor/practitioner to pursue the teaching of online workshops, provided these guidelines and prerequisites are accepted and fulfilled.

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  • Breakthru Academy, a duly incorporated company in Malaysia, is providing an online teaching platform (empwr2u.com) for MBL™ and Brain Gym  instructors under the title MBL Asia.

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