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16 hours in 2 sessions: Date: 8 - 9 May 2023 Time: 10:00 AM - 18.00 PM (IST) or 12.30 AM - 20.30 PM (GMT+8)

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Welcome to Movement Based Learning Consultant Training Workshop (62335)-Mumbai, India

Movement Based Learning Consultant Training (MBLCT)

Pathway to a licensed MBL Consultant. Learn the essential skills on using MBL to consult your client and at work. 


Topic includes:

What do I do with a child assessment, goal and language intention.

Making sense of Movement based Learning addressing the reflexes and developmental movement patterns.

Application and modification of the Movement activities to enhance ease of learning Building Block Activities (Core Activation, Ear Popping, Eye Activation, Flashlight Game, Lengthening Activity on the Foot, Navel Radiation, Skull Tapping, Spinal Walking)

Assessment techniques on how to develop, evaluate and modify program
Consultation procedure and practice

Marketing and organization. 

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Certified MBLCT Instructor

Phoebe Long

International Faculty

International Faculty of Member Movement Based Learning™, U.S.A.

online specials:

View Cecilia teaching videos!

7 Developmental "Building Blocks Activities" Videos

This 1-day workshop that offers an in-depth look at some basic patterns of neurological and motor development and is a good basis for further training in reflex integration such as Brain Gym® or rhythmic movement training with RMTi. The movements and activities that are taught are called “Building Block Activities”. The Building Block Activities can be very effective in the learning or re-learning of natural, normal developmental movement patterns.




Student's Love


Menarik dan mudah diterapkan! Workshop ini memberikan banyak wawasan baru dan sangat mudah di terapkan sehari-hari. Sangat menarik.

Gemalaras MBL Student

Everyone must learn it! No regrets! Instructors are outstanding. The online workshop was fun & they shared their MBL experiences to us. Building Block Activities are simple yet powerful movements to everyone. It can be applied on ourselves at home or during work to get through our stress and adjust our patterns. It’s a must for me now to do some BBA in the morning to awake my body & get ready to start my day.

Ng Chin Wern Parent

Informative & Intriguing! The manual is detailed and clearly explains the basis of Movement Based Learning, relevant concepts as well as topics in interesting, easily understood ways. This manual has helped me to further deepen my understanding of MBL and the Building Block Activities.

Lim Jeannie MBA Graduate

Breathtaking! Awesome techniques. Cecelia has a very calm and lucid way of explaining everything, and we stay mesmerized through the entire session. The exercises per se are amazing and I can never stop feeling struck by the fact that each simple moves and what difference it can make to us. Thank you Cecelia and Minaz

Anita Mahesh Butani BG Instructor

Review TextAmazing Course !! The videos are simply so amazing. Cecilia has taught every step in a detailed manner with explanation of what is being done, How to do it,whhat not to do ... all the explanations are given. I am just amazed at this whole training programme and am earnestly looking forward to learning more of it and going inddepth and to meeting the wondeful instructor Cecilia. Thank you Cecilia & Darlene .

Grace Daniel Special Educator and Public Speaker

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