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Date:  Jan 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19 & 21
Time: Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 8-10PM

welcome to bg104

Brain Gym®
26 Movements

Dive deep into the 26 Brain Gym® activities. Experience them in your body. Gain a better understanding of each movement, the philosophy behind the Brain Gym program, and how this knowledge can support your daily life routine. Open to all.

The Brain Gym program offers a proven approach that addresses and incorporates the often-overlooked physical components of learning — visual, auditory, motor, and stress management skills. What started as a method to help remedial learners become stronger readers is now a program that has helped thousands of people in over 80 countries around the world discover their peak mental and inner strength.

Course Trainers

Certified BG104 Instructors

One of the Brain Gym® Facilitator / Consultant / Instructor Core Curriculum

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Annabelle Ryan

Licensed Instructor

International Brain Gym ® Instructor, USA Certified Special Needs Educator

Christine Joseph

Licensed Instructor

International Brain Gym ® Movement Facilitator, USA Neuro Linguistics Practitioner

Phoebe Long

International Faculty

International Faculty of Member Movement Based Learning™, U.S.A.

Who Should Attend

Ideal for Therapists, teachers, tutors, counselors and parents as well as anyone who wants to enhance living and learning, for themselves and others. For professionals who is interested in becoming officially licensed as a Brain Gym Movement Facilitator.

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