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Join this workshop by clicking “Take This Course” on the Course page, submit your Enrollment Agreement and make payment.

Remember to Preview Your Courses

  • Upon completing your payment, the course will be added to your course list along with 2 extra Add-on courses.
  • Preview your courses by choosing “My Courses” from top menu and then:
  • Select this main course “Movement Based Learning Live Online Workshop” and be familiar with the layout:
    • Locate the Live Session Evaluation quiz in this Course page, take note of its location. You will do this after the Live session.
    • Locate the MBL Final Quiz in this Course page, take not of its location. You will do this after the Live session to get your certificate.
  • Select this “[Add-on] – 7 BBA Movements Instructional Videos by Cecilia” and check-out the videos.
  • Select this “[Add-on] – BBA Online Manual” and check-out manual for this course.

Check Your emails for:

  1. Course Registration Confirmation email from b.empower
  2. Payment confirmation email from KiplePay
  3. Zoom Registration confirmation email with link to zoom meeting

Sometimes these emails may land in your Junk/Spam mail folders, so please check there too!

Attend Your Zoom Class!

  • Please register a Zoom account before class if you don’t have an accout for Zoom yet.
  • Your Zoom Meeting Link is in your email. Use it to join with your Zoom account username and password (not b.empower user account).
  • In case you can’t find your email, you can find your Zoom link in your “Start Zoom” Lessons too.

Remember you can access to Building Blocks Activities videos by Cecilia Koester yourself too! These videos are located at the “[Add-on] – 7 BBA Movements Instructional Videos by Cecilia” course. Playback of these videos directly on your PC are highly recommended for a smoother and sharper view.

Get your Certificate!

  • Complete the Live Session Evaluation form
  • Complete the MBL Final Quiz
  • Print your Certificate and Celebrate!

Return to your Course to print your certificate after completing your course.

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