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When you sign-up this workshop, you get to attend the LIVE teaching session conducted by licensed MBL™ instructors, interactively at the specified date!

In addition, you will also get to access to class materials including the Online Manual, and the access to BBA Movement Videos by Cecilia directly from your PC as many times as you need during this teaching period.

Special On-line Only Features

When you sign-up, you will, in addition to the main course, find another 2 more courses listed on your “My Courses” page as Add-ons as below:

  1. This “Movement Based Learning Online Workshop” main course that guides you through the completion of this workshop.
  2. An “Add-on – 7 BBA Movements Instructional Videos by Cecilia” to view all the 7 BBA movement demonstration videos.
  3. An “Add-on – MBL Online Manual” course for reading the online manual. (Hard copy is available for purchase at our online resource centre upon successfully completed your online course.)

International Certificate of Attendance will be awarded upon completion of the course.

This Online Workshop is equivalent to an In-person Workshop of MBL.

Participants attending one of the in-person class.

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