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Join Courses Online

Register different types of courses online. These includes courses conducted by live instructors and supported with online lessons and quizzes.  Certificates are given online.

Start your empowering journey here!

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Join A Course Using "Group Code"

These are classes self-hosted by instructors. You will be given a "group code" to join the class group here in order to get your certificates online! 

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Manage Your Student Account

You will have your personal dashboard once you log-in. Here you can update your personal details like name and address, change your password, check order history, pay for outstanding courses and also download any songs you purchased.

Here you can also request to upgrade your user account to an instructor.

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Manage Your Instructor Profile and Class Groups

Your instructor multi-tool! Your dashboard gives you the ability to create new courses, manage your class students, subscribe to teaching videos and more.

Only available to users that have upgraded thier account to an instructor.

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Purchase Course Acessories and Books

Participants of our online course are allowed to purchase certain class materials at a very special rate.

Buy directly from here.

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Need More Help?

Let our troubleshooting agent remove some of your challenging bugs.   

What My Account Allows Me To do?

Your online account type decides what you can do. You may change your account type by taking relevant action. 

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As a Student

As an Instructor

As an Empwr2u Instructor

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