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Excellent training to set parents on the right path.This course was practical and provided me many immediate ways to apply. Gayathiriw Be PresenceGet our self ready then we able to help the others. Know our sense, feel and know then we will be more rational to face the ‘BUMP’ Atiqah Yusuff CalmUnderstand children better! NURAZLIN …

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想和大家分享,从我成为全职看顾Bryan所得到的一点点喜悦。 说短不短,说长不长,从去年停职到今都有九个月了,虽然没有了收入,但是多了陪伴孩子的时间,陪他上学学习,陪他一起到慈济环保站付出。在这期间最感恩的是,可以看到孩子情绪上的进步与稳定(当然还有进步的空间),而且因为有了时间,也让我成功完成了2个对特殊家庭非常重要的课程,所学的不但可以用在Bryan身上,也能帮助中心的其他小朋友,而且又能用在自己与我太太身上。 心想,我的选择是对的,感恩当初的“舍得”,才有今天的“有舍才有得”。 I want to share with you the little bit of joy I have gained from becoming a full-time caregiver for Bryan. It’s been nine months since I took unpaid leave (not was suspended) last year. Although I have no income, I have more time to accompany my child, go to school and …

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